VZW OEM Hard Shell Case w/ Holster Combo for Motorola DROID RAZR HD XT926 (NOT FOR RAZR MAXX HD XT926M) Motorola

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  • Great A+ Customer Satisfaction Rating Velvet Interior To Protect Screen
  • Complete Hard Shell Combo Case Holster Belt Clip W Hands Free Kick Stand
  • Customer Satisfaction #1. Positive Feedback Makes Me Happy All DayLong
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VZW OEM Hard Shell Case w/ Holster Combo for Motorola DROID RAZR HD XT926 (NOT FOR RAZR MAXX HD XT926M)

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Almost Perfect Case
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This Motorola case is exceptional. There is really no reason to spend more money on an Otter or other supposedly more durable cases. The built-in slide kickstand is awesome. It's great to have it if you want the phone to be propped up and in view, whether horizontally or vertical. It's also great for keeping the phone up and nearby when sleeping, propping it on your bedstand for it to remain in view. Whether its in either position, the phone doesn't wobble and isn't unstable. It has decent footing. In all the places that matter, the phone's interface is still visible and easily reachable. The case really hugs the phone, but remains easy to take off, without being loose at all. The only place the case covers up is the SIMM and SD card area, but you don't often access that area so it's not a con in my eyes. The case is extremely durable, and remains light in the process. Usually this durable and strong of a case is heavy, but that isn't the case (pun intended). I have no doubt that the phone will be able to take a couple of falls. The case's texture feels great in the hands and doesn't slip at all. The pattern and look of the case matches the Razr HD perfectly. There isn't a color or aesthetic clash at all. It looks like the phone's default appearance. The belt clip it comes with is really the only downfall. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad or anything, but it's far from intuitive. It covers up the screen which I guess makes sense, but you can't flip it. The belt mechanism isn't that good either. It's hard to adjust it and secure the phone to your belt. I rarely use it, but for other users it might be essential. In that case, I don't recommend this. Overall, this is a great item and the best phone case I've ever owned. I definitely recommend it.

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Martin Blank
Did not fit XT926; maybe it's for XT926M
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Despite the description, the case I received *did not* fit my XT926 phone, even though the description says it will *only* fit the XT926.Some reviewers have received items that *did* fit the XT926, others not. Maybe it varies by the seller, or varies due to manufacturing defects.My seller did not allow returns. However, Amazon Customer Service was able to process a refund for me.Quality of the case was fine. Except for a very slight but unworkable bad fit, it matched the original case I have from VZW. Too bad; everything else was fine except that it didn't fit as claimed.

Joseph M.
נחמד מאוד
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

The phone fits perfectly , and once it slides into the cradle, it won't pop out by mistake. I had an otter Box, but it make the phone twice as big in every way, i hated it. This one is sleek and effective, what more can you ask. I don't use a screen protector with tit, but you can. What's the point of that, the phone has Gorilla glass, and it isn't rolling around in your pocket with you keys and change. I have been without a screen protector for 3 years, and have not one scratch on the phone. I do not recommend dropping, kicking, stepping on, or otherwise miss-handling your phone ,and expect it to be a happy trouble free phone.

Ken Barlow
Nice case!!!
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Nothing fancy here, just a functional case for the RAZR HD. The retractable stand is really nice for watching Netflix on your phone. The case adequately protects the phone and does not add a ton of bulk to the phone. I carry my phone with the clip rotated so that the phone is on it's side when attached to my belt, top of the phone to the front. The clip stays put extremely well and the phone is held fairly tightly in the holder. I have had the phone slip partially out of the holder a couple of times, but it has never come close to falling out, no matter what I am doing. For the money, this is a decent case. Would buy again, if needed.

Gerald Martinez
Advertized to fit the Motorola DROID Razr Maxx HD but the phone does not fit into the shell securely.
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Advertized to fit the Motorola DROID Razr Maxx HD but the phone does not fit into the shell securely. I ordered the item and it did not fit. I requested a return authorization and received it but had to pay for the shipping. I checked the advertisement again and found it described the DROID Razr Maxx HD. I received the same shell and holster. It is for the DROID Razr HDSince I could not find a shell and holster to fit the DROID Razr Maxx HD I made some modifications but the phone still does not fit into the shell securely. Very disappointed.

Mike Hran
Exactly as expectyed. It's ticker than a regular case ...
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Exactly as expectyed. It's ticker than a regular case, however, as it has the 2-way kickstand on the phone case. If you want the kickstand as I did, you must be willing to have the thicker case.WIA = Working As Intended.I bought this FOR the belt clip and kickstand. Otherwise I would have just relied on the Carbon Fiber back, and the Gorilla glass.

Plastic is warped, doesn't fit phone
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Maybe I just got a lemon, but this does *not* properly fit my Droid Razr HD (and no, I don't have the Maxx). It almost fits, but due to warping the phone will not properly seat into the case; instead it 'floats' near the top and the power button is blocked by the case. My phone is less than a week old so I'm certain the phone isn't warped.This is super-cheap plastic, not very rigid...if it fit I'd keep it and probably rate it 3 stars, but since it's useless it's going back.

and the techs like them, but the belt clip breaks off pretty ...
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Bought a bunch of these for phones at work... they are cheap, very slim, and the techs like them, but the belt clip breaks off pretty easy. If you catch it on the arm rest of a chair when you get up it will break off pretty easy. If the techs didn't like them I would have just ordered Seidio, Trident, Ballistic, or something similar. If we burn through these as quickly as the last batch, I will just order something else.