Truly Tasteless Tunes, 25 Hits Truly Tasteless Tunes (Series) Format: Audio CD

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Tracks for the 25 song version: 1. Vibrator Queen 2. Tapping That Thing 3. I Heard You Been Seeing My Old Lady 4. Wood Pecker 5. She Ran off With A Trucker 6. All American Trucker 7. Little Brother Trucker 8. Muff Diver Song 9. I’m Your Mailman 10. Ice Man 11. Born An Asshole 12. Sweet Tomato Lady 13. I’m Your Meat Man 14. Rodeo Song 15. Get Your Finger Out Of It 16. Revenge 17. Motorcycle Party 18. Just A Quickie 19. Pussy Whipped Again 20. Put Me In Jail 21. Linda Lovelace 22. Shallow Throat 23. Don’t Bite Me 24. Grinds So Fine 25. Two Bit Whore

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Daryl K. Smith
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Great service lousy album.

Donald Bogema
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good music for the right kind of people

Diane C. Howard
Hilarious. Double entendre and plain old rude
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I bought this at a truckstop in the 1980s, as a cassette. There must have been a dozen different tapes with rude songs, and I've always wondered what I missed, and regretted not buying them all.The songs are really funny. Some are quite old (possibly 19th century), like Hot Nuts and the Woodpecker song(redone, sort of, as The Pussycat Song).There isn't much more to be said than this: The songs are sometimes rude, sometimes subtle enough that you can play them with your three-year-old (or your 99 year old grandma), but they are ALWAYS funny. Worth every penny, if you like the humor. Since some are crude, if you want just the safe but suggestive ones, I did notice that the songs are available as online as 49 cent downloads -- definitely download Tapping That Thing, Hot Nuts,and Woodpecker song.

Ellen M. Keys
Excellent pudge
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We ordered Truly Tasteless Tunes I and ended up getting Truly Tasteless Tunes 25 greatest hits. It was great.