Temdan Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Supported Wireless Charging Full-Body Protection Built in Screen Protector with Floating Strap Waterproof Case for Galaxy S8 (Black) Temdan

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  • 【WATERPROOF & DO NOT LOSE YOUR PHONE】: 2018 New design for Samsung galaxy S8 ONLY. IP68 waterproof case compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 (5.8inch), Safe in water under 10ft/2 hours, great protection for any underwater activities or outdoor/daily use. Pack with a floating strap protect your phone from sinking into water, completely no worry about phone safty in water
  • 【WIRELESS CHARGING & MULTI-PROTECTION】: Transparent back panel make this case support S8 wireless charging. Full body protection designed to exceed Military Standard 810G-516, guard your phone even after 1000 times drop from 6.6ft/2m height. The Temdan case is also Snow/Dirt/Dustproof, rugged to adapt to all harsh environments
  • 【SLIM & SENSITIVE TOUCH】: Slim body less than 0.5inch/12mm provides layers of protection, however does not add much to the size of the Galaxy S8. Front cover with built-in screen protector of crystal clarity can also prevent scratches, without sacrifice the sensitivity.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】: Fully sealed even after many times open and close. Two covers (front/back) snap on design makes it fast and easy to install or take off in seconds
  • 【PLOAT & WARRANTY】: Packaged with a floating wrist strap floatable to prevent the Phone from sinking in the water, more fun with Temdan free accessories. Temdan service team will response any enquiry on time your purchase is safe under 1 year no excuse warranty
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296 חוות דעת גולשים

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          Temdan Conquer Series Case Passed 3T Test Standard

              1:  10ft/1hour Underwater Test 1000 Times.

              2:  6.6ft/2m Height Drop Test 1000 Times.

              3:  Snap on/off Durability Test 1000 Times.


           Designed to Conquer All Harsh Environments  

      1: Waterproof for Swimming, Snorkeling, Diving, Surfing and Rafting.  
      2: Shockproof for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Jogging and Cycling.

      3:  Dirt/Snowproof for all other harsh environments use.

Never worry about lost your phone in the water
Using the included floating strap, you can take photos anytime on cruise/boat, swimming in the pool or on the water without worry.

Free your hand with a removable Kickstand
Come with a Removable Kickstand frees your hand for a best angle view of watching video or facetime.

Listening to the music underwater with waterproof headphone jack adaptor
Packaged with a waterproof headphone jack adaptor gives you music boost for your favorite water sports.

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296 חוות דעת גולשים
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it works great, and the quality is good
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The phone case is waterproof with floating strap. Just tried it, it works great, and the quality is good.

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Amazon Customer
The screen fits perfect. I had not seen any bubble or any ...
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When I purchased this item, I was just expecting a case I could only use while on the beach or a pool. The case has now become my daily protection for the phone. Water tested without any leak. It does make the phone a little bulky, but so as every other waterproof case. The screen fits perfect. I had not seen any bubble or any rainbow effect on it ( so far). I am able to charge it using my qi charger without any kind of problem. The fingerprint sensor works great, although it takes a little bit to get used to. During calls the sound is clear and loud enough for me to understand the other person without problems. It does affect the speaker when listening to music or other sounds, but not to a point that makes it useless. The only thing I didn't love is that the color, but the fact that my phone is black does make it look real nice.

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Rugged case, great quality.
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Love this case. I am in the Outdoors a lot where rain, snow, mud, and sand all threaten to ruin my phone. This case gives me peace of mind because I don't have to worry about it. I needed a case that could take punishment, and this one delivers. Its quality made.It does increase the footprint of your phone a bit, and can be a little uncomfortable in your pocket. I find that I don't often put it in my pants pocket, but instead put it in a jacket pocket because of the size.As others have said it is hard to get the case open once shut (but not impossible), so make sure you get all the lint off your phone before putting it in! The fingerprint sensor is a little harder to use but still works fine. Same goes for getting to your edge swipe bar...sometimes it can be a bit harder to trigger. This is all really small stuff though, only happens every once in awhile.One other note is that your speakers will sound pretty bad coming through the case (like playing music). I have no trouble hearing or being heard during calls though.

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Adam D
Must have this 4 in 1 protection case
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My new s8 phone looks so nice, with the curved full screen, nice camera, speedy CPU. but it's so easy to escape my palm and get all scratched up, I have seen my friends s8 got broken screen. I can't afford that. that is why I have been looking for a case with waterproof, drop proof, scratchproof and dustproof! I came across this 4 protection in 1 case, I can put my mind at peace each time I take out my phone, especially after my contract ends. my s8 will look like new to trade in for another upgrade.For this price, I didn't expect a fancy case, but once I got it, it did exceed my expectation with right touch screen experience. all functional buttons and touch ID, this case makes my S8 fully protected, just don't have bulletproof.

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which is great as far as water protection goes
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The case is of decent quality but there are some major issues that keeps this from getting more stars from me. Those issues are:1) The case is just not capable of allowing the phone to be charged wirelessly, which is a MAJOR problem considering the phone is sealed inside, and opening the case is just not an option, but that brings me to the second issue2) The port openings are extremely difficult to open with your fingertips, which is great as far as water protection goes, but a real hassle when you need to plug the phone in. This leads to the third issue3) The opening for the USB Type-C port is too small to allow most modern cables. I found that the opening was too narrow to allow most of the Type-C cables I have. I've tried 7 different types of cables and only 1 cable was capable of fitting in the opening enough to connect with the phone to charge it (which is the only option for charging, since the case is too big, and there is a bezel on the outside back of the case that prevents most wireless chargers from sitting flush on the back, and even with a 3-coild 15W wireless charger, the phone wouldn't connect wirelessly)4) The film over the fingerprint sensor as well as the film covering the camera are of lower quality than the film that's used for the front screen protector, which made pictures and fingerprint recognition sub-par5) The case has buttons that align with the physical buttons of the phone, which is great for pressing the power and volume buttons, but I found that the buttons also held down the physical buttons, and you had to "pluck" them with a fingernail just to have it stop pressing the underlying button. This resulted in the phone dying in my pocked constantly because one or more buttons were continuously being pressedThese issues kept the case from being unusable for my purposes and I returned it with Amazon Prime.

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Works amazing but horrible to get off and on its hard ...
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Works amazing but horrible to get off and on its hard and can tell it loosens the seal on the corner where you initially lift it. Its my permanent case because it is so thin and touch sensitivity is great and since it waterproof why not leave it on always. Still charges itself on wireless charger too.

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Krasava M
תיק מוצק
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This is a pretty good case. I haven't tested out the waterproof functionality yet since I just want it as a precaution, but otherwise I like it. It fits my phone well and I have no problems using the buttons or the screen with the case on. So far I haven't experienced any scratches or bumps or anything like that to say how well the case protects against the phone being dropped. I'll post an update if I experience any issues with it, but hopefully it'll hold up to its reputation.Update: I haven't dropped it in water yet to know, but it does do a good job of keeping my phone protected while I'm playing Pokemon Go in the rain. The screen does get a bit slippery so I just have a dry papertowel in my pocket to wipe the screen off and then keep playing.

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