SOGA Cover for Galaxy S9 Plus Holster Belt Clip Case Slim Hard Armor Defender Protective Swivel Rotate Cover Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Black SoGa

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  • תואם עבור פלוס S9 גלקסי סמסונג.
  • Case / Cover עשוי מעטפת פלסטיק קשיחה עם ציפוי גומי המעניקים עמידות תוספת אחיזה
  • Stylish slim design feature Full cut out access to function
  • חתיכת נרתיק עשוי להחליק בקלות. הם יכולים להיות מומרת רגלית לספק הצפייה דיבורית קל
  • Rotate 180 Degree Swivel Holster Clip
מחיר: 29.56 + ₪28.82 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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צבע: שחור נרתיק זה מקרה משולב בנוי 2 חתיכות נפרדות, קשה לנפץ הוכחת פלסטיק פגז עם קליפ לחגורת הנרתיק. כמו כן הוא עשה להגנה מפני נפילות, שריטות, לכלוך, scuffs, וכו 'עיצוב חכם, נותן לך גישה הכוללת את כל הפונקציונליות, הנמל הכפתורים מבלי להסיר את הטלפון ממקרה הטלפון.

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Michael Drinkwine
Works, but some issues.
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

I got this a couple of months ago when I got a new phone. I have been using this style for quite some time (with Galaxy S7 and Droid 4 before that) and have generally been pretty happy with them. However, this time, it seems as if the quality is not quite as good. The swivel has positive stop points at various angles, but is “wiggly” in all of them. It has recently became loose, as in the positive stops are not holding very well and it moves too freely with just sitting down or bumping it. Additionally, it has made a sort of clicking noise since I got it. It makes this noise with movement (walking, bending, sitting etc.). Just doesn’t seem very solid. In the past I would wear them out, but it would take over a year of daily wear. At this rate I might get 6 months.

David Magaw
Best hip clip for a Galaxy S9 Plus!
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This is my third one (as a backup since the first one broke, the replacement is working for me just fine). This is a great buy and it's one of the best hip clip phone case that I've had. The fact thatthe clip is close to your hip it is very hard to get it caught on anything (obviously not impossible, but difficult). A great buy.