Snapfon ezTWO Vertical Case (Black) with Belt Clip Snapfon

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  • Easily attaches with belt clip.
  • Leather style exterior for enhanced protection.
  • Sleek, fashionable black look with magnetic closure.
  • Also fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with most slim cases.
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Beautiful and rugged, black leather style carrying case with belt clip. Perfect fit for the ezTWO! Also fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with most slim cases.

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Amazon Customer
Great PLAIN phone!
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I was looking for an inexpensive cell phone for my very non-technical husband. I wanted one with large enough buttons to eliminate misdials, a screen large enough to read, one that is very easy to use, and cheap monthly rates. I found everything I wanted in this SnapFon. There are 3 monthly plans starting at $10/mo. and they're based on your useage. They even hae an auto option is you aren't sure how many minutes you'll use where you can enroll in the cheapest plan, and if you go over that useage, theyll automatically transfer you to the next higher plan so you won't have any "overage minutes". My husband only turns the cell on when he's going out of the house somewhere, so he'ss happily been on the $10.00/mo plan. It offers several ring tones, voice mail and even a small flashlight and connection to FM radio. IF you're looking for a plain jane phone that is easy for seniors to use and much cheap[er than others advertised for that purpose, this is the phone for you. I also bought this case for it which works a LOT BETTER than him just sticking it in his pocket!

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J. Lobb
בסדר גמור
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This is basically fine for my dad's phone. However, I don't know if it's him or the fact that the phone fits a bit too snugly in this case, but almost every time he takes the phone out of the case, he presses some button, sometimes the flashlight, sometimes the volume button, or another one. Other than that this fits well on his belt and protects the phone well.

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Bonnie J. Johnson
שני כוכבים
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Good quality but was to tight for the phone. Had to send back.

A little tight for actual Snapfon
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This is a nice case with quality material and workmanship. Don't like the magnetic latch since I work around electronics and computers a lot. Even with keys locked the phone sometimes turns on or off when inserted into case. Had to find a slightly larger, looser case for everyday use.

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Ashley T.
חמישה כוכבים
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Good quality great stuff

G. Perkins
ארבעה כוכבים
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Phone won't fit in case with the protective cover on phone.

J. Naeve
ארבעה כוכבים
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Nice pouch, well made - it works well with the phone.

granny of 13
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husband loves the convience