Seidio Spring Clip Holster For use with Samsung Galaxy S6 Seidio

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  • Unique spring-clip lifts for quick access and easy removal
  • Adjustable swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles
  • Felt liner and face-in design protect your phone
  • Easy access to connectors and function keys
  • Designed for naked / non-cased devices and is not guaranteed to be compatible with cases or other manufacturer's products
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This holster is designed for a "naked" or non-cased device and is not guaranteed to be compatible with other manufacturer's products . Seidio's Spring-Clip Holster has been refined from years of customer feedback and advances in technology. A durable spring clip holds your device securely in place, and then lifts for quick access. Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements. This holster can be worn in any one of seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical.

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M Frizel
Great Case for S6 or S7 phone without case.
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The phone fits perfectly just like the picture. I have been using this for a while and while I like the case I have, I like the ease of the belt clip. The phone can be placed and remove in the holster fairly easy. When the top secures the phone there's a nice "click" sound.I wear the phone on my right hip and one day in a gas station I leaned on a low counter while trying to reach for the sugar on a top shelf and the counter hit the release at the right spot and my phone dropped out. I shouldn't have been reaching sideways with my hip rubbing on the table so this would be the only thing I warn for.

Good quailty but not work for me
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This is very well made and I really wanted it to work, but I could not get it to work for me. The Galaxy S6 fits perfectly and is secure, but the problem I had was my shirt, jacket, or seat belt would frequently get caught between the phone and holster resulting in difficulty getting the phone to clip in. I used it for several weeks and could never overcome the problem, so I finally gave up and bought the Turtleback leather pouch instead--very pleased with that. If you like this kind of clip holster I do recommend it for the great quality.

Amazon Customer Gmoe
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It was a gift and much stronger than the last one..

D. Brown
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My Galaxy S7 fits perfectly. Very happy with this purchase.

כוכב אחד
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Wrong size for the phone it is advertised for

Manuel Ibarra
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Zemri Arber
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Shadow Phantom
The phone is easy to get in/out and quick
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FIts the S6 perfectly. The phone is easy to get in/out and quick. Holds the phone securely once it's in the holder. The twist mechanism could be a little stronger though. It got caught on my drivers seat while getting in my car, and it ripped the phone holder from the back bracket. I realize these aren't designed to be indestructible, however when it broke, I felt it should have been sturdy enough to withstand that as it wasn't that bad.