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  • TR-90 flexible, light weight, comfortable, cute looks, suitable for middle and big face frame
  • Blue light blocking, reduce eye strain, anti glare, UV lens
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  • FDA CERTIFIED Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses from EyeYee
  • ENHANCE YOUR ATTRACTIVENESS - how you look is as important as how clearly you can see, Fashion comfortable style and special design of the computer reading glasses enrich you more attractive
  • ANTI HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT, The lens prevents the harmful short wave blue light from computer, cellphone, screen,ect. It reduces blue light on eye irritation and prevents our eyes from being injured by electronic devices, so that we can enjoy the life of technology while ensuring the health of our eyes
  • ALLEVIATE HEADACHES, SLEEP BETTER - Blue light may cause a lack of melatonin, which may lead to headaches and difficulties sleeping. You'll reduce trouble sleeping when you wear your Computer Screen Reader Glasses. Our blue light glasses alleviate headaches and ensure you enjoy a restful sleep
  • AMAZING GUARANTEED - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 30 days money back guaranteed and lifetime breakage warranty. You have no risk to try
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62 חוות דעת גולשים

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Blue light blocking reading glasses reduce eye strain, eliminate dry eyes, do not let your eyes uncomfortable ruin your daily life. this frame has a special color, clear light grey, looks like crystal, this frame is suitable for women and men. Light weight and super elastic material, comfortable to wear.

Features and Benefits

• Aspheric scratch resistent coated and Anti-Reflective coating lenses
• Blue Light Blocking Lens and Optically Correct
• 1 * hard case
• 1 * cleaning soft cloth

Whether you are looking for computer reading glasses for the office or eyeglasses. EyeYee office computer reading glasses will give you the premium protection you are looking for.

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62 חוות דעת גולשים
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I would recommend these for sure
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They work really well! I work on computers 8 hours a day. I used to get eye aches and head aches on a daily basis. Now I don't get any aches and my eyes keep their strength the entire day rather that giving up on me four hours in! I would recommend these for sure! Also they look great on and don't look any different than regular glass to anyone else.

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Really helps reduce eye fatigue
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My eyes were feeling strained from staring at my work computer all day. I bought these frames (round lenses in brown tortoiseshell color) to help reduce my exposure to the blue screen light. My eyes are noticeably less fatigued by the end of the day after wearing them.The frame is lightweight and quite trendy looking. I’ve gotten several compliments at work, which is always nice! My only complaint is that the lenses are so hard to clean! The little rag that comes with it seem to just spread the smudges around.

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Amazon Customer
Works to protect your eyes, could have better glass quality.
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I tested these and reported to all the critics around me for about 3-4 weeks. By being mindful of my vision, fogginess, headaches at the end of the day, I was able to compare the difference between using the glasses and not. I sit near a lot of windows at work; on days where the space is fully lit by natural light, I will rarely need the computer glasses. However, after staring for maybe an hour, I use the computer glasses and can immediately tell the difference. They are great on darker days, as the screen light is intensified. The glass on these do get dirty quick, and they are not easy to clean. The wipe that comes with it does not work.

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yuan lin
light comfortable stylish help
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My phone is the main source of blue light during the evening since I play with it almost an hour before going to bed. I know it's bad but just can't help doing it. My eyes are easily sored and light sensitive, sometimes even have running tears after I staring at my phone for about 20-30 minutes. I tried to use this computer glasses since last month to see if things will changed. They are ultra light, fit good on my face and I will forget they even are on me. They seem very sturdy and well constructed though they are plastic. I used it only when I playing my phone in bed and I start to tell the difference! There are less tears coming down and my eyes are not as sored as before. Now I start to wear it at work since I have to use the computer for full 8 hours. I'm thinking maybe I need to get one for sun glasses so that I can use it for outdoor. I strongly recommend to try this out since it's working for me. The frame is stylish too.

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Michelle Redington
They no longer hurt during the day and I think they help me go to sleep better at night
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I don't need glasses but I would come home after being in front of a computer all day at work and my eyes would be sore and tired. I would have to put a cold compress on them in the evenings to help with the pain. I bought these to try to see if they would help. They absolutely help my eyes! They no longer hurt during the day and I think they help me go to sleep better at night. I love them. They look great on as well.

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שווה את הכסף
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These glasses came with a crush resistant case, a repair kit and cleaning cloth. I wanted large lenses and this product is just that. The main downside is that the hinges feel like they won’t last, but in general I’m satisfied

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ערך טוב עבור מחיר
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I ordered 3 different pairs of glasses and this shape fit my face the best. I like that these lenses covered more surface area compared to the other options as well. It didn't come with a blue light tester, but one of the other pairs did and they all successfully blocked out the blue light on the tester card. I wear these on and off for about 8 hours a day as my job ties me to a computer all day. I have less headaches (but could attribute that to drinking more water) so the results are a bit indifferent to whether or not they make my eyes/headaches feel better, but I think they're helping more than hurting. The frames are super flexible which helps combat my klutziness, so that's a win!

D. Greer
Attractive and Lightweight - Good Quality for Low Cost
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Very attractive, and they really help ease eye discomfort when using the computer a lot. The lenses are not as yellow as I thought they would be, which is a good thing.

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