Olixar Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 Clear Case 100% Crystal Clear - Ultra Thin - Non Slip Olixar

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  • Ultra-Thin and lightweight case adds no extra bulk to your Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018
  • 100% transparent case maintains the phone’s attractive design
  • Created from strong and durable material for long lasting protection, while a non-slip coating provides extra grip
  • Interior pattern to prevent bubbles and moisture collection
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מחיר: 48.06 + ₪27.31 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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The Olixar Ultra Thin for the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 provides super slim protection in a 100% transparent gel case. The gel material is great in that it's flexible like silicone, but tougher than a crystal case - the perfect hybrid option to achieve protection and practicality. It's super lightweight, not making your phone super bulky, and created from a strong and durable material.With a slightly textured inner, this case has been specifically designed to prevent bubbles and moisture from gathering on the inside of the case. It also has a non-slip coating on the outside, providing extra grip and hopefully reducing the chance that you'll drop your phone!We understand the importance of keeping your phone protected whilst it's charging, so we ensure that the phones ports and features are fully accessible when the case is on. It's also wireless charging compatible.Please let us know if you have any specific questions about this case/ it's compatibility etc.

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