[New Version] Encased Belt Clip Holster for Spigen Tough Armor Case (case not Included) (Galaxy S6) Encased

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  • Only compatible with the Spigen Tough Armor case , NOT compatible with any other cases.
  • Clip can be rotated to vertical or horizontal positions for easy insertion & removal.
  • The Spigen Case is not included.
  • Backed by the Encased Hassle-free guarantee.
מחיר: 42.18 + ₪30.08 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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36 חוות דעת גולשים

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Encased Belt Clip - for Spigen Tough Armor Case​ (Samsung Galaxy S6)


Key Features:

 ✔ STRENGTH: Reinforced steel rivets are used at every stress point to avoid the all too common "plastic joint fatigue".
 ✔ Secure top latch design makes phone mounting / dismounting a breeze with quick and secure accessibility.
 ✔ GRIP: All our holsters feature a fully rubberized finish that INCREASES GRIP as well as fingerprint resistance.
 ✔ Our SWIVEL Belt clip pivots 180° (with 5 sub increments) for both vertical and horizontal use.

The Bar We Proudly Set 

We measure every product by its ability to operate flawlessly over months and years of repeated use. We test and re-test
every design to ensure the final version will ALWAYS meet this benchmark. That is the simple reason why our
customers keep coming back for their new accessories. 

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36 חוות דעת גולשים
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The release clip has a good feel to it so you can easily remove and ...
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I've had the holster about two weeks now. I work in a busy industrial place where I'm constantly on the go,It's also a Class 10 clean room environment, so we have to wear the full bunny suits, which do not have any pockets. As a result I tend to wear the holster on the back of my neck. Yeah, sounds weird, but if you've ever worked in a clean room...My point is that because of my work I'm constantly moving the holster from my front pants pocket to my neck, and then back again, every time I go in and out of the clean room, which is a few times a day.This holster has taken on my toughness test and passed admirably! The handling, and constant use of the belt clip has been stellar. The release clip has a good feel to it so you can easily remove and replace the phone single-handed, and blindly; a couple of traits that are important to me.My only negatives, which is why I dropped a star, are subjective and may not matter to you.I keep my phone in the holster pretty much all day, and have it facing outward. So,1. I use my phone a lot. When handling it with the holster attached, the lower bumpers protrude a little too far out for me. Difficult using the lower buttons because my thumbs get clumsy. Lol.2. The kickstand doesn't have enough flexibility in the viewing angle. This is probably the biggest reason I dropped the star. I use the kickstand at lunch time to read while I'm eating. The angle doesn't above the phone to be at an angle that's any sharper than about 60 degrees.Bottom line. I love the handling factor and its ruggedness while still being a sharp looking and comfortable holster. Works perfect with Spigen case!Peace, JJ.

Steve K
Holds the phone securely
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I have been using this holster with the recommended Spigen Tough Armor Case on a daily basis for about the last month or so. It hold well and has never dropped my phone but I work in an office environment and don't bang it around too much. The only minor issues I have are it has worn through the leather on edges of my cheap leather belt and when just wearing a t-shirt the spring clip will occasionally dig into my side. The comments about the lower corners sticking out a little are true but I have not noticed them causing any issue and they may help when inserting the phone into the holster. I also briefly tested with http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011VCUBKO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00 and it seems to hold that case fairly well.

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Mark Hoblit
בכושר סיום גדול
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Great fit and finish. The phone retaining clip is hinged, not a part of the plastic that makes up the bulk of the holster, which means it operates very easily but still securely holds the phone. The phone can be inserted with the screen facing inward or out and the built-in kickstand is better than most cases I've used.Both the headphone and USB ports can be used with the phone facing forward or backward. Fantastic product so far.

Bruce Akioka
Great clip! Great Price
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I love this belt clip! Great price! Okay, some of you will say that it flexes too much. I say that it gives just enough. I've had it for a week, and it has not let go of my phone yet. So if you want a hard, thick belt clip, you may be leery. As for me, I'll stick with Encased.

Cheryl P. Brewer
מצא משהו אחר
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Looks great at first, but then you see the weaknesses. The back of the phone/case is exposed to dirt dust and scratches. The hard plastic can be uncomfortable against your waist. But far worse, it is very easy to brush up beside something and catch the clip, and then your phone hits the floor. Seems also that a thief could snatch the thing very easily. I have had it two weeks and I am shopping for something else.

Damian Czajka
It's easy to remove the phone if the holder is in ...
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The belt clip works OK, it's bulky, way oversized for Samsung Galaxy S6. The top sharp plastic part of the clip cuts into my skin when I turn or sit down. It's easy to remove the phone if the holder is in a horizontal position, however if it's in a vertical position you need to use both hands to remove it.

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Very good quality holster, but for me a bit bulky. The release clip stands out too far and at the bottom were the phone rests are two big bubble like things that stick out too far. I'm keeping it and hoping to get used to it.

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Fits as expected. Will update review in future if it doesn't hold up and is not durable.