Nautical Chart Gift Wrapping Paper - Premium 28"X20" 5-Sheet Wrap Pack. Beautiful Straits Of Florida, Bahamas Map Edition. Unique, Durable & Recyclable - From Journo Travel. (2 STYLES AVAILABLE) Journo

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  • ודא זה מתאים על ידי הזנת מספר הדגם שלך.
  • WOW YOUR FRIENDS: With our signature nautical chart design, you're sure to make their eyes LIGHT UP before they even see the present inside! People DO judge a book by it's cover (in this case, the gift by it's wrapping paper :). Do it right!
  • PERFECT FOR ANYONE: From globetrotters to the armchair tourists and everyone in between... our classic maritime map of The Floridian Straights and Bahamas (part of "The Bermuda Triangle") will be loved by all.
  • GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Whatever the shape or size, you can wrap up all your gifts with over eleven feet (11ft) of this gorgeous ocean map design. Fitting for birthdays, anniversaries, goodbye parties, weddings, showers, holidays, and special occasions.
  • FIVE SHEETS & EASY STORAGE: Rolls are annoying to handle, so we made you 5 separate sheets to get the job done quicker (plus it's better to store).
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: We used thick stock art paper so you don't have to worry about ripping it by accident... and it's even eco-friendly and recyclable!
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Color:Blue Trouble finding the perfect wrapping paper for that important gift? Want something unique that SHOWS the thought you put into your present? Well, we think your search is over because you'll be 'Wrapper Of The Year' with this custom, one-of-a-kind, beautiful nautical chart gift wrap. So grab yourself this stunning, rare ocean image wrapping paper and make your gift stand out among all the rest. Something we want you to know, though... We're not a wrapping paper company (we're actually a travel company). Eke! GASP! We know, we know... crazy, right? Why are we even making gift wrap anyways? Well, there's a pretty interesting story behind that: A few years ago, founder of Journo Travel Goods, Dane Homenick, was cruising The Bahamas with his wife Makaela on their sailboat 'Sea Otter.' And since things can change pretty fast out at sea (you know, a new shipwreck, shifting sand, etc.), you shouldn't use old oceanic marine charts. So instead of tossing out these lovely old charts from all over the Caribbean Islands, they thought they'd use them as wrapping paper... Turns out their friends talked about the wrapping paper more than the present inside! (So either they're bad at buying gifts or the wrapping paper design was just that awesome hehe) Naturally, we thought we'd make some for the Journo community... and, we're pleased to say, things took off. :) What you have in front of you is the Straits of Florida Nautical Chart Edition... It's now become our signature, classic style that so many have picked up and loved. What other wrapping paper has a back story like that? :) On top of that, we have an iron-clad, no-questions-asked guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us for a full refund. For the thoughtful final touch to that special gift, buy this exclusive, charming decorative gift wrap now!

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Amazon Customer
I used my nautical wrapping paper to decorate (decoupage) an ...
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I used my nautical wrapping paper to decorate (decoupage) an old night stand! & I even have quite a bit left over to use for wrapping gifts(:

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Best heavy duty wrapping paper
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The wrapping paper was very sturdy. I was able to wrap a picture frame without the paper tearing through the edges. I was able to wrap a shot glass and it rolled with little creasing. The map’s detail was able to be seen very well. It comes in 5 large sheets and I only used 2 for wrapping a picture frame and 6 glasses. The people that received the gift loved the paper so much, they did not rip it. In fact, the tape peeled off with ease I was told.

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French Family
Fantastic Wrapping Paper
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I love the Florida nautical chart gift wrapping paper. We have a home in Florida and we are boaters. I bought the paper to wrap my husband's Christmas presents. The chart gift wrap is unique, a great conversation piece, and perfect to use to wrap presents for people with boats or who live on or near the water. The paper is good quality and not thin like a lot of wrapping paper.

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Nancy Brennan
This was the greatest. The paper was of great quality
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I made up a travel book for my friends and I went to Amazon for some kind of paper to wrap them in. This was the greatest. The paper was of great quality. My friends talked about how great the paper was with the present. It all worked out so great!! Thank you so much

Stella R.
נייר ניס
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Very nice detailed paper. The size of the sheets will wrap a gift the size of a kids shoe box completely. You can always overlap the paper to make it bigger.

Tom King
Classy wrapping paper.
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Just arrived, will use it to wrap presents and wow recipients.

חמישה כוכבים
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I love the nautical theme!

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Beautiful colored fully detailed Paper
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This was exactly what I needed for my nautical table centerpiece along with sailboats, small model yachts, etc. Quite durable.