Meilib iPhone XR Holster - Premium Leather Belt Case with Belt Clip [Magnetic Closure] Pouch Cover w/Built in ID Card Holder (Fits Apple iPhone XR Cell Phone with Case on) Meilib

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  • This Meilib leather belt holster case is designed to fit Apple iPhone XR (2018) or other similar size large screen cell phones with a thin or medium size case on. Cases like clear case, Otterbox Commuter case, Spigen armor case, Speck case and etc will all fit comfortably into this belt holster.
  • 6.2" x 3.1" x 0.55" are the Inner Dimensions of this holster case.
  • במקרי חגורת טלפון שלנו עשויים עור פרימיום קשה כדי להבטיח שהן מחזיקות מעמד זמן רב. הם נוחים ללבוש ואת בטנה רכה הפנימית יהיה להגן על הטלפון שלך מפני שריטות.
  • במקרה חגורת טלפון מסוים זה מגיע עם חריץ לכרטיס מובנה כדי לשמור על הקלפים החשובים שלכם בהישג היד. הסגר המגנטי מול שומר במקרה החגורה סגורה היטב כדי למנוע כל דבר החל לנשור.
  • This belt case comes with a strong and durable clip which can be fastened onto your belt. It also comes with 2 additional belt loops for extra holding and security. We take pride in our products and if, in the rare case which you encounter an issue with our product, just know that we offer a 1-year warranty.
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Looking for an easier, more convenient and elegant way to carry your phone?Our phones have turned into smart-phones which stay less in our pockets and more in our hands. With increasing screen sizes, they don't always fit comfortably in our pockets and even taking them in and out becomes a real pain. Your phone should always be there, ready to use and we make sure of that!Cover up and strap on Meilib's Leather Belt Holster Case.Our premium leather holster makes carrying your Smartphone more comfortable and safer than ever! They are made from high quality and durable material in order to protect your phone from daily wear and tear. With inner dimensions of 6.2" x 3.1" x 0.55" this belt case is made to carry Apple iPhone XR with a thin or medium size case on. Equipped with a built-in card slot, our phone carrying holster conveniently gives you the option to keep your important cards with you at all time. With strong magnetic flap closure, everything will be safely stored inside the pouch. The holster can be securely clipped onto your belt with the durable belt clip, for more security, we even added on 2 more belt loops. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to help you make the right choice: Our pouch offers great all around protection for your phone much easier and faster access to your phone when you need it our pouch prevents your phone from getting scratched and damaged from the sharp objects in your pocket such as keys and coins. You won’t bend and break your phone while sitting down in the rare case of having an issue with our product, please know that we offer a 1-year warranty to have your satisfactions fully covered

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Robert C. Souder
Doesn't fit iPhone XR with tech21 or speck case
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This holster seems to be made well enough but I had to send back because my XR with tech21 case didn't fit well enough to allow the case to close. I also tried it with my wife's XR with a speck case..... same result. The cases tested are about the slimmest iPhone cases on the market.

Larry W. Tyndall
Liner sheds felt fuzz
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This case works fine with with my iPhone XR with slim case and looks just fine. The problem is that the inner liner sheds fuzz on my iPhone display, obscuring my screen. It does this every time I use the case. Now I'm in the market to find a new case where the liner isn't shedding...

Steven C
קטן מדי
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

The depth and length are fine, but the height was too short. Does not fit with an iPhone XR.

Jorge f.
מוצר טוב מאוד
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Very good presentation, fitting of the smartphone, a space for cards that is useful, and good manufacturing