Magic Spiker™ Original Mud & Ice Grippers. Domestic Crampons for All Seasons Magic Spiker™

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  • קל לשים על ולהמריא
  • Confidently walk in snow, ice, wet grass and mud
  • Takes up minimal space and great value for money
  • Walk comfortably and safely in the backcountry
  • No quibble 12 month warranty
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When the environment is difficult to walk through due to mud, ice or snow, our Magic Spiker® Mud & Ice Grippers are an ideal solution, easy to use for young and old. They are worn by everyday people, as well as government and professional services personnel.and of course hiking, orienteering, geocaching and snow sport enthusiasts. Magic Spiker® Mud & Ice Grippers are the original and most effective value grippers available. As the UK patent holder, UK trademark holder and official distributor we have been selling them successfully for 8 years across Europe. Offering a no quibble 12 month warranty you can expect a simple, great value product. We use only the highest quality components which allows you to use them in extremes of hot and cold temperatures and trust that our crampons wont let you down. They are quality manufactured to ensure longevity and are easy to put on and take off (check out the 'How to put on your Magic Spikers' demo on YouTube). As we are launching on Amazon USA here is some Amazon Europe Feedback: Really effective..... Excellent really does what they are intended for..... facile à positionner sur les chaussures - Quasiment invisible sur une chaussure noire - A recommander..... Good in mud as well as ice..... Very sturdy and work well in snow. Have ordered Yaktrak previously, but these are better..... Livraison impeccable, produit excellent.....

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I really wanted to love these - they seem like such a great solution ...
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I really wanted to love these - they seem like such a great solution for slippery winter weather. But I put them on my boots and they broke within about a week. The rubber just split and snapped. My shoes are size 10.5 which is at the upper end of the size large, so maybe they were stretched too far, but I'm not sure whether the XL size would be tight enough. After learning that there is no US-based support, I've decided it's best to return these to Amazon and find a more reliable brand.

Mark Schneider
Great product, a LITTLE difficult to put on at first
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My driveway is 180 feet long and very steep, with a fall line drop to a 50 MPH highway at the bottom, so I really don't want to start sliding down it in the winter! Also, the parking lot at work is often treacherous before it's treated. These are incredibly handy to keep in my pack at work, and after the learning curve of putting them on, they are all I need to navigate my driveway when it's iced up. I used to ice climb and still have full on plastic and leather mountaineering boots, and step in crampons, but those would be severely overkill, LOL!

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Thomas Stull
Wife loved them and everyone who saw hers wants their own
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My wife, who usually wouldn't try a "gimmick" took them to Michigan for a party weekend (we live in SW FL) and said they are the greatest. She descended and ascended icey riverbanks and negotiated the frozen Detroit river to an island with ease plus ice on sidewalks and drives. She's 73 and others at the parties,age 30 to 50, plan to order their own after seeing how well hers work.

Galen Morgigno
Rear End Saver
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Definitely worth having! Kept me from busting my butt a couple of times already. I keep an extra pair in my truck.