LG V30 Case,LG V30+ Case,LG V30 Belt Holster, LingAo Swivel Slim Belt Clip Holster Armor Protective Case, Defender Cover for LG V30 ( Smooth Holster Shell Combo) (black) LingAo

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  • Applicable:LG V30 / LG V30+
  • LG V30 case Full Protection Case, Includes belt holster + advanced 2 layers designed case, and corners feature molded polycarbonate for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts
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  • השווה עם מקרה נרתיק שכבה כפולה אחר, נרתיק X-Style הוא thiner וקל עושה את זה נוח יותר עבור ה- carry
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Color:Black Holster for LG V30 Multifunctional Case for You! -LG V30 Dual Layer Case: Hard poly-carbonate plastic shell on soft, flexible silicon skin that amazingly against drops that will shatter screen. - LG V30 Shockproof Case: The hard PC back cover + Silicone edge is made of imported material and will protect your phone from dropping, scratching and other impacts - LG V30 Holster Case: The 180 rotating swivel belt clipallows for a variety of carrying options as well as viewing angles for Videos, Facebook, etc. -LG V30: The built-in locking Kickstand is perfect for viewing content in landscape orientation. Compatibile with: - Will Only Fit LG V30 Package Includes: -1 x Hybrid case for LG V30 (Accessory only, the cellphone is not included)

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I'm not able to use my magnetic phone holder and I can't use my wireless charger

Thomas Dolson
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Great case for the money. Had it for a couple of months now and so far so good!