LG V10 Case, Evocel [Generation Series] Belt Clip Holster, Kickstand, HD Screen Protector, Dual Layer for LG V10 (H901), Black (EVO-LGV10-AB201) Evocel

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  • Dual layers with hard outer shell and soft inner core
  • נרתיק קליפ חגורה נתיק עם סיבוב 180 מעלות
  • רגלית מובנית לצפייה בנוף
  • Rugged heavy duty looking design with HD screen protector
  • Compatible with: LG V10 (H910)
מחיר: 36.96 + ₪30.3 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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Color:Black Evocel LG V10 Phone Case [Belt Clip Holster] [Kickstand] [HD Screen Protector] Experience the Generation difference by Evocel. This phone case offers dual layers of rugged protection with a shock-absorbing silicone inner layer and an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. The Generation is a reliable and highly-protective case made to precisely fit your device. KICKSTANDA built-in locking kickstand allows for hands-free viewing of all your favorite content on your phone in landscape orientation. BELT CLIP ATTACHMENTA separate, removable 180-degree swivel belt clip attachment makes carrying your phone simple. Customize the position of your phone the way you want, eliminating the bulk in your pocket. SCREEN PROTECTORIncluded is an HD film screen to keep fingerprints, grease, and dust off your phone screen. HARD OUTER SHELLKeep the surface of your phone clean of nicks, smudges, and scratches with a hard impact resistant exterior cover constructed of polycarbonate material. SOFT INNER LININGThe rigid, yet soft fitted inner silicone liner is the second layer of protection that wraps around your phone to help cushion it against the day-to-day wear and tear of use. Available colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow Compatible with the following models only: LG V10 (H910)

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Loose fit and poor kickstand
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Not a very tight fit. The colored rubber just folds away with ease and doesn't fit nicelyThe colored part is a very soft and loose fitting rubber. Doesn't really protect the phone that well. If you dropped facing down, it's easy to imagine the rubber giving way to the momentum and allowing the phone's screen to hit the ground.Also doesn't quite cover the edges.The kickstand is quite awkward to lock into place or unlock...

Tio Jefe
Case הגדול
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Real nice and even came with a screen protector that I was not expecting. Doesn't make the phone too much larger and fits perfectly. The only downside is rather trivial. I would like the kickstand to extend farther so that the phone sits a little more upright, but this drawback is really just splitting hairs trying to find something wrong. The kickstand works perfectly, but personally I would like it to extend further

Garbage Disguised as rugged ?
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The case hit the ground, once, when it accidentally fell out of my hand. Half of the side broke off. Now I have to make sure that the original case stays on. The description of this product is "rugged". My advice: "Even there is an INVASION, don"t buy this item".

Amazon Customer
Good phone holster, pretty color, very functional
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this is a flexible plastic Holster - I don't use the belt swivel clip but do find the "Kickstand" has been really handy for watching instructional videos while I'm following the "how to fix it" instructions or taking notes. It was easy to put on and I have had no damage to the phone in spite of several drops on our concrete floor.

Its a functional case without the belt attachment but the fit on my V10 could fit better. seems to want to slip off but not ...
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The spring to the clip popped off in just a few days WHICH didn't seem to matter much after the belt clip itself broke off the following week. Its a functional case without the belt attachment but the fit on my V10 could fit better. seems to want to slip off but not entirely. The case itself IS built sturdy enough to absorb a pretty good drop so that's why I keep it. The belt clip is crap though.

Susan M Bretz
this is the kind of case i need for my ...
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this is the kind of case i need for my phone but i changed my mind i am getting the lg g5 in stead

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Dan Hopping
Evocel LG V10 case
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This item looks good but will not release the phone with one hand. I have to take it off the belt and use both hands to get the phone out. Very difficult. Bad design. Also the belt connector is flimsy. I will return it.I would not buy this brand again. The case is unusable.

well worth it just for the case.
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Tossed the whole belt clip thing - I just wanted the case around the phone. Pretty sturdy and I like the Deadpool-ish color scheme.