LG K8 V (Verizon) Case, Evocel [Generation Series] Belt Clip Holster, Kickstand, HD Screen Protector, Dual Layer for LG K8V (VS500), Blue (EVO-LGVS500-AB202) Evocel

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נקודות על המוצר

  • Dual layers with hard outer shell and soft inner core
  • נרתיק קליפ חגורה נתיק עם סיבוב 180 מעלות
  • רגלית מובנית לצפייה בנוף
  • Rugged heavy duty looking design with HD screen protector
  • Compatible with: LG K8V (VS500)
מחיר: 36.96 + ₪29.99 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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174 חוות דעת גולשים

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Evocel Generation Series Case for the LG K8V

Stylize and protect your​ phone with the Generation Series.

Sturdy and robust, the Generation Series of rugged holster cases offers multiple protective features. Ranging from a hard exterior shell and soft inner layer to an included HD screen for all-around defense against the rigors of daily use.

This case is compatible with the following devices only:

  • LG K8V (Verizon)
  • LG VS500

Soft Inner Lining

The rigid, yet soft fitted inner silicone liner is the second layer of protection that wraps around your phone to help cushion it against the day-to-day wear and tear of use.

Belt Clip Attachment

A separate, removable 180-degree swivel belt clip attachment makes carrying your phone simple. Customize the position of your phone the way you want, eliminating the bulk in your pocket.


A built-in locking kickstand allows for hands-free viewing of all your favorite content on your phone in landscape orientation.

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174 חוות דעת גולשים
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Joe M.
מתאים פרפקט
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This case fits my LG K8V perfectly. I have had it on my phone now for about a month using the belt clip and it work great.I hated the bulkiness of carrying a phone in my pocket so the belt clip is a welcome addition. For those who complained that the clip doesn't fit, you may be trying to clip in the phone with the screen facing out as I originally tried. I then realized while there was a felt covering inside the case to protect the screen. If you clip on the phone with the screen facing in, it works perfectly in addition to protecting the screen as intended. Possibly Evocel should include this note in order to avoid any negative reviews due to operator error.

5 לקוחות מצאו את הביקורת הזאת שימושית

Excellent phone case!
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This bright red case was purchased for my husband's phone because the phone has a habit of "hiding in plain sight". The case has been in use for about half a year now, and exceeds our original expectations. First - the phone is much easier to see when he puts it down on dark surfaces. Second, it compares very nicely with his previous Otter Box as far as durability goes, and Third, the clip mechanism actually works better at securing the phone to his belt than said previous Otter Box and cost significantly less.

Tim G.
Affordable quality phone protection.
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Great protection for our kids' new phones! The clear screen cover bubbled some so we purchased a different set of clear screen protectors, but the case itself is worth the price even with the minor inconvenience.

2 לקוחות מצאו את הביקורת הזאת שימושית

גדול :)
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Great silicon case..love that the plastic piece that goes over the silicon covers the corners also so it's double protection, which is what i need! Swivel clip case fits well also. I can't wait to use it while I go walking! The screen protecter works well enough..it could stick a little better. Overall very happy w my purchase, thank you!

Liz Urbancic
Hubby very happy with the case and transaction
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Product was as described. Arrived quickly. The case fit my husband's LG K8V without any left over space. Color was right on. Clip and stand were a little hard to open at first but the product was new so not a surprise. Hubby very happy with the case and transaction.

במקרה ניס במחיר.
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Bought this for my BF when he got a new phone. He wanted one just like his old one. Quite durable. The only difference I noticed was the rubber part was a bit thinner than his older model

Elizabeth C Mulock
Decent case for the price. Corners arent sturdy
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Hard plastic broke on the corners within the first month on 2 out of 3 I purchased. Kids are hard on the cases but I expected a little bit more time out of them. And then 2 of the 3 phones had broken screens shortly after. They were dropped on the corner where the hard plastic was broken off and the soft inner didn't provide enough protection. Does fit the phone perfectly. Good for the price. Screen protector okay. Held the broken glass together for a few weeks.

Billy Ellis
לא טוב כמו שזה נראה
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

HD screen protector?!? More like a super thin piece of plastic that the sticker used to install wont even come off. Better quality protection from the bag it came in.if your just after a bright colored case for your phone this will do. I am not sure what protection this will actually offer as far as for a drop. The saying goes "you get what you pay for" If this what your after do yourself a favor and order a real screen protector!