iPhone 7 Plus (5.5") Belt Case, Encased (Thin Armor) Hybrid Shell w/Secure-fit Holster Clip (Jet Black) Encased

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  • Compatible model : iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 (new release 2016 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch)
  • BUILT AWESOME - Here are just a few of the many great features: Dirt & smudge resistant surface, High-quality lightweight PCR construction, ergonomic design, non-slip micro finish, raised-lip screen protection and the list goes on
  • חזק CLIP - נרתיק Secure-Fit בנויה קשה לשימוש יומיומי אמין. חגורה-קליפ סיבוב מתאים בקלות 180 מעלות לשימוש ביד ימין ושמאל כאחד
  • בטוח גריפ מגע רך גימור מוסיף הגנה ועושה מרתק הטלפון נוח וקל. מגזרות כפתור יציאת גישה נוחים להתאים כמעט לכל טעינת כבלים ואוזניות
  • הוספה לעגלה לחוות את ההבדל העטוף. האמון מעבר למוצרים שלנו. בנוסף אחריות המוצר לכל החיים, אנחנו בחזרה בכל רכישה עם עטורת הפרסים (מבוסס ארה"ב) שירות לקוחות יחד עם ערבות שביעות רצון בלתי מותנית.
מחיר: 62.79 + ₪28.27 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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Color:Jet Black Encased We are a proud US company making essential everyday products that we ourselves love to use! Our core belief is simple. The devil lives in the details. It is the "small" yet vital changes to design and engineering that differentiate average products from the great & intuitive ones. Designs that can perfectly integrate into our everyday lives. Around here this philosophy is called: "The X-Factor". The Bar We Proudly Set. We measure every product only by its abilty to operate flawlessly over months and years of repeated use. We test and re-test every design to ensure the final version will ALWAYS meet this benchmark. That is the simple reason our customers keep coming back for their new accessories. Quality Beyond The Product. We back every purchase with knowledgeable (english speaking) customer support and an unconditional "Lifetime Happiness Guarantee". If you are anything less than satisfied with your purchase our team will work with you until you are genuinely happy. Experience the Encased difference today. Common Questions: Q: Will apple headphones work with this case? A: Yes, the case is designed to accommodate the Apple earpods (as well as most other headphones models). Q: How do I register the product for warranty? A: Please visit our website, select the warranty tab you can easily activate the warranty online. Q: Is this compatible with iPhone 6 4.7 model? A: No, this case is only compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus model. To purchase the iPhone 6 case please visit our Amazon storefront and enter "iPhone 6".

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Chad D Engelhardt
This is a nice case and holster for the 7 plus
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This is a nice case and holster for the 7 plus. The case strikes a nice balance between bulk and protection. The surface is quite grippy and tactile, improving grip security. The holster likewise is well designed and executed, except for one flaw. The base of the holster is not cut out for the lightning port. Therefore the phone cannot be charged in the holster, nor can the lightning headphones be plugged in. This is a significant flaw and precludes a five star review. However, it is easily remedied. I used a Dremel tool with a sanding wheel to cut out a charging port access. See attached photo. I'd recommend the manufacturer make the standard design change.

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It's OK but I have issues!
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First off lets get to the pros of this unit.1. It seems solid2. Easy to assemble although NO instructions are included.3. The retaining clip that holds the phone in the case is sturdy and takes a nice bite and hangs on.Cons:It seems clumsy to me. I am used to a smaller phone so maybe the problem is me? The phone is difficult to extract from the holder in a smooth motion. I much prefer a enclosed holster, which I will order to replace this thing.You will notice the camera is fully exposed. If you bump anything i.e. a seat belt or something solid you will break the camera lens! The case offers no protections at all for the camera.The inside has a nice fuzzy patch that is supposed to protect the front of your phone and it just seems cheap to me.It is awkward to use and really of no use to me. If you are used to this kind of cases (is it a case??) then it will be ok for you. I am not, I don't like it. The phone seems very vulnerable and exposed.

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Love this case and holster! Case is nice and slim and adds some grip over a naked phone. Cut outs are perfect and all buttons are easily accessible. Case doesn't add too much bulk yet looks like it'd provide pretty decent protection (good camera lens protected and slightly raised edges protects screen nicely). Probably not the best of the best in terms of a protective case, so if you're accident prone or really rough with your phone it may not be the level of protection you'd need. But if your for looking a slim case and holster this is definitely my recommendation! I've had a few encased products and they're slowly becoming my go to brand!

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Amazon Customer
Great belt clip case.
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I’m a little crazy with cases always switching every few days or weeks. I recently decided I wanted to get a clip case and had my mind set on this case by Encased or another similarly priced clip case by Trianium. I ultimately decided to go with this case and I’m glad I did. I’ve had another clip case for my previous iPhone 6 made by another company and this case is ten times better. The case and clip is very nice quality and what I really like about this case is the clasp that holds the phone into the clip is spring loaded so it clips in very smooth. It’s very easy to get out of the clip as well but I also feel confident it will stay securely in the clip without falling out. Last but not least the belt clip will work with other cases as well I tried it with another case I have and it fit perfectly. Of course it will depend how thick of a case you have but I would say most cases will fit into the clip if you like to occasionally put different cases on your phone. I couldn’t be happier with this case and will update my feedback in the future when I’ve used the case for some time. It will definitely be a 5 Star review if the case lasts a reasonable amount of time but even if it breaks I would be willing to buy another one unless it breaks in a week but I highly doubt it will. I would recommend to any one looking for a clip case that doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

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Holster is protective, but doesn’t stay together.
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I have had this holster for quite a while and I will say that it is sturdy and has protected my phone without question. However, one problem that has been ongoing is that the holster is in two pieces, and the top piece falls off repeatedly. The phone slides into the bottom half of the holster, and a smaller piece fits over the phone top and snaps on. In my experience, this top part constantly falls off when you place the phone into the holster. Redesign of this part to connect better to the bottom would alleviate the problem. I will not purchase this item again.

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Waste no more time looking & comparing...
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Ahhh, FINALLY a slim, phone holster that is constructed of fine quality and feels almost like a part of your body. Is paying $7-$10 more for getting a 1st Class product better than settling for the dozens of flimsy, ill-fitting alternatives available on Amazon? I've had to return 3 competitor products due to breakage, poor quality, or misrepresented design. This belt case are the REAL GOODS and you can take that to the bank. The Lifetime Guarantee included with your purchase seals the deal.

Features and value-Thin Armor by Encased
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The case has great fit for 7 plus furthermore it provides better grip than the bare phone. The holster works well even allowing for the belt clip to become a kick stand for the phone, this allows for viewing the web,videos etc hands free (although the prop wire that positions the belt clip for this feature is a bit cheap-thus 4 stars) that said however, accounting for the reasonable price this is a recommend-good value.

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Christopher D Borchert
Great belt clip holster for battery case
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I love this Encased belt clip holster. I use a battery case on my iPhone 7 Plus and this belt clip holster fits perfectly. The product is very strong and it takes a lot to break it. I finally snapped the belt clip off my last one after over a year and a half of tough use. Glad I was able to just order another and move forward. I plan to look for another Encased belt clip holder when I upgrade my phone. Great product and great designer.