[Gorilla Clip] CASE123 MPS MK II TLS Genuine Leather Vertical Oversized Swivel Belt Clip Holster for Apple iPhone X for use with Apple leather case or slim covers - Black Cowhide CASE123

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  • Strategically sized for an iPhone X wearing a slim case or cover
  • Gorilla Clip with 2mm diameter stainless steel pivot shaft, new computer-aided design reinforced construction, 360 degrees rotating swivel belt clip with 24 lock positions
  • Dual magnet flap closure securely closes the holsters. All around genuine leather construction with durable inner lining. Not compatible with use of plug in headphones or earbuds.
  • Maximum inner dimensions: 70.8m x 142mm x 9.5mm (2.78" x 5.62" x 0.38")
  • For use with Apple leather case, TPU covers, and other very slim single layer cases only. A bare iPhone X would be too loose on this holster.
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CASE123 Multi-layer Protection System (MPS) Mk II - Premium leather holsters that complement your existing iPhone X protection. The CASE123 MPS Mk II series of genuine cowhide leather/lambskin holsters has been trusted by holster users since 2014, offering complete protection with a full cover, and sizes adjusted to be compatible with more cases and covers. Gorilla Clip The all new CASE123 Gorilla Clip was engineered through a combination of computer-aided design and manufacturing experiments, to ensure its ruggedness meets the standard for use with larger cellphones with heavy cases. The overall clip assembly is now thickened for maximum reinforcement, and with the use of a 2mm stainless steel pivot shaft, the Gorilla Clip can withstand more than 3x the breaking torque than previous designs. This item is for the genuine leather/lambskin holster only. Fitting Guide and Inner Dimensions (width x height x thickness): MPS Mk II TLS: 70.8m x 142mm x 9.5mm (2.78" x 5.62" x 0.38") - Apple Leather & Slim Cases - TPU Covers - Other slim single layer covers For use with rugged cases or multi-layers cases, please look for the MPS TL oversized holster for iPhone X.

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john e lewis
The case is very good quality
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Fits iPhone with with leather case great.The magnetic top is good

ruben garcia
return patch you send me it was to small
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i have send all three patches back and i have all so send you a old patch to wish you can send me the right size the one you send me was to small,i well pay the diff rents if you like and the post age

Franklin D Sloan Jr
לקוח מרוצה
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So far, totally satisfied with the phone case. Well made, and much better than previous iPhone cases I purchased in the past.

Keith W.
Seller replaced case with broken swivel
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Leather case great quality, clip itself sturdy but swivel attaching case to clip broke within 2 months. Seller sent a replacement under 1 year warranty.

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Case הגדול
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This is the fourth or fifth CASE 123 (Gorilla Clip) product that I've bought over the years. I'm extremely picky and would not be a repeat buyer unless the product was really first rate, which this is. I only wish they would manufacture the case in colors other than black. If they did, I'd probably buy one or two more!

David D.
If you want to wear a case with a clip, this is a good choice.
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2nd one I’ve owned. Very nice case. The clip is tough and long-lasting.