Galaxy S8 Belt Clip Holster Case (Secure-fit) DuraClip Combo by Encased (Samsung Galaxy S8) (Smooth Black) Encased

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  • Encased is proud to be Amazon's #1 Belt Case Manufacturer. Trust the best. All products come backed by our hassle-free lifetime guarantee.
  • The Durable ClikLock holster includes a sturdy belt attachment to keep your phone in place at all times and the built-In kickstand offers convenient positioning for media viewing
  • Soft-Touch textured case adds protection and makes gripping your phone easy and comfortable
  • The slim design provides easy access to all the buttons, ports, jacks, speakers and sensors
  • Experience the Encased difference. Our "Extra Mile" pledge backs every purchase with friendly and knowledgeable support from our dedicated team.
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DuraClip Holster By Encased Our #1 best seller just got better. The DuraClip combo is designed with close attention to the "little" things. The slim case fits securely inside the holster clip yet is still easily removable. The belt clip itself has been reinforced to ensure years of reliable use and the smooth rubberized finish gives the set a comfortable finish. Our Guarantee: This set won't let you down. Meet EncasedBuilding great gear is what we do at Encased. Every product we create delivers on a promise. The promise of premium quality and industry-leading design. We are a proud US company with one core belief: The devil lives in the details. It is the "small" vital improvements to design and engineering that differentiate average products from the great ones. The Bar We Proudly Set. We measure every product by its ability to operate flawlessly over months and years of repeated use. We test and retest every design to ensure the final version will ALWAYS meet this benchmark. This is the simple reason why our customers keep coming back for their new accessories. The "Extra Mile" are the people you can count on At Encased the Extra Mile pledge comes standard with every purchase. Spend $10 or $10,000 it won't matter. You will receive the same friendly and knowledgeable support from our dedicated team. If you are ever less than satisfied with our products, we will work with you until you are genuinely happy.Experience the Encased difference today.

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Sean Furr
with a holster like this. This case-holster is very well built
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I had a similarly designed case-holster from a danish company, for my S6 Edge, that worked extremely well. The Encased model was less expensive, and turns out to be just as well built. I wear my phones in a horizontal position, and don't have a problem. I see some reviews where people complain that they are constantly knocking their phones out while carrying vertically. 1, pay attention to gravity while on our planet. If you need to carry your phone vertically, then buy a case in which the phone enters the case and is secured vertically. Otherwise, brushing forwards or backwards against something can knock it out. I work as an auto mechanic, which requires me to enter and exit vehicles more often than most, and even requires me to lay against seats and floorboards. I haven't dropped, knocked out of a holster, or otherwise damaged a phone in years, with a holster like this.This case-holster is very well built, and is aesthetically pleasing. My next purchase will be an Encased version that will take the phone without a case. These are pretty I phones, might as well show them off.

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Pretty good but note holster loading direction and that sides of the phone remain uncovered without holster
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Overall, I like it!It does not stick out off my belt much, the phone case easily slips in and out of the holster - great!Two things I'd note for others:1. The case loads into the holster sideways (!). All my previous phone cases loaded from the top. Something to get used to and I'm a little concerned it may slip out if pushed by accident from the front.2. Phone case itself does not really cover the sides of the phone as much as I wish it did. If you look at your phone's side buttons, the case ends a millimeter or so below them. Once the case is in the holster, however, the edges are covered by the holster itself, so not a big deal at that point.UPDATE: the kick stand plastic broke off after about 4 months of use. So, i am lowering the rating to 2 stars - it was not abused and should last at least a year IMHO....

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I've been using similar Encased products for my last few phones because I like the versatility of this holster
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Edit: I have just received Galaxy S8 Belt Case and Holster Clip (secure-fit) SlimShield Armor by Encased (Samsung S8) (Smooth Black) and it is in almost all ways superior to this version (for me). I didn't buy it originally because I didn't find it on Amazon so I bought direct from Encased. I'll provide a complete review of that product separately but since it isn't an Amazon verified purchase I doubt anyone will read it.The pros:- True vertical carry/release.- Can carry in upright, upside-down, face-in, or face out.- Solid positive lock. Sturdily built.- Holster can be used as a stand- Case offers light protection in thin form.- Case and holster can be bought/used separately.- Duraclip case (the item I previously bought and which this is the review for) can be used with the holster if preferred - although it will result in a tiny amount of wiggle room which is barely noticeable or can be fixed with some adhesive foam). It offers less protection but shaves a millimeter or two off of all dimensions and exposes with rounded screen edges much better.The cons:- Awkward to release phone with one hand.- Soft inner material piece does not extend to the bottom of the holster (probably about 4/5 total coverage.Original review:First off, if you're reading this and you intend use this as a vertical holster look closely and you will notice that you can only insert the phone into this case from the long side of the phone.I've been using similar Encased products for my last few phones because I like the versatility of this holster. The holster is reversible so you can insert the phone from one side, or the other, so suit your positioning needs. I can also choose to carry my phone in-pocket with the case backing on and it works just fine and provides extra gripping surface.This case is very minimal. I didn't want to take my already big phone and slap an even bigger case on it. The case backing also preserves much of the looks of the screen as it snaps on at the top/bottom of the phone while leaving most of the rounded edges of the screen exposed.I took one star off because the extendable stand is extremely hard to deploy. Maybe it takes some break-in period.This is an excellent case for it's intended purpose.Unfortunately, it will probably not get much use from me. I like to carry my phone in the vertical position and having to insert the phone from the side just doesn't work for my daily use - it feels awkward and I spend too much time trying to secure the phone in the holster. I'm also a little concerned that if i carry it vertically I'll somehow bump the phone loose and it will fall to the ground - unfortunately, insertion/removal from the side also means that it doesn't have to slide much to be removed from the holster.If you're looking for a minimal holster case and you prefer to carry horizontally, this would work better for you.

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VERY Happy with This Holster Case
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I received this Holster case for my new Galaxy S8 promptly as expected and put it to use immediately. The phone fits well in the new case and I appreciate that it has stayed secured on my belt through many different body twists, turns, and bends. It is a bit slimmer and lighter than the holster case I had for my Galaxy S7 but I am satisfied and confident that this will keep my phone securely in place throughout the day while I am wearing it. The phone itself slips in and out of the case easily as needed. I highly recommend this case to anyone wanting a holster case for the S8.

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Kindle Customer jeannie macek
כמעט מושלם
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After numerous phones and countless cases, this model for the Samsung S8 is perfection. It is lightweight, slim and performs beautifully. With my previous cases either the clip that attached the phone to the holster or the belt clip would break over a period of time. This case so far has met all of my expectations in that regard. The kickstand is a feature that comes in handy for me although the portrait mode can be touchy. Also the minimal design of the case requires careful handling but as of yet I have not dropped my phone. Finally a case that will protect my phone as long as my contract!

Kenneth Healy
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I've always loved the Encased belt clip holster option - no other case comes close in terms of quality at this price. I've owned 2 phones since 2011, and went through 4 Encased cases with the belt clip/kickstand option, but I only put a small chip in the corner of one phone, which was from a drop on asphalt. It's extremely rare that I drop my phone (5-6 times in about as many years), so I probably would not recommend this case to a klutz. I know people who drop their phone several times a day. I'm not sure this case will hold up to that kind of abuse, but it has served me well for several years, and I have no intention of trying another brand.