Extra Small Universal Horizontal Cell Phone Case / Pouch / Holster with Belt Loop & Belt Clip NEM

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Leather Belt Case Horizontal Design Premium Leather Durable and non-swivel Belt Clip with Magnetic Front Flap Closure Great full protection for your phone. It helps to protect against shock and surface damage caused by accidental drops. Provides excellent protection from the elements. Prevents scratches and damages to your phone. Protects your phones finish from dirt and scratches. This pouch is equipped with one durable belt clip plus 2 additional secure belt loops and front magnetic closure.

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729 חוות דעת גולשים

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729 חוות דעת גולשים
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David Silvan
good materials, and good magnet on flap cover which ...
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The item is well-built, good materials, and good magnet on flap cover which holds it firmly shut and the device secure. So this merits more stars. BUT, I give it 3 stars because it really isn't EXTRA SMALL. They claim and advertise a 4 inch size, but it's actually closer to 5 inches, so the device that I need it for bounces around inside. It should be listed as MEDIUM, or SMALL, at best, considering the size of devices these days. But the 'EXTRA' description attached to 'SMALL' doesn't apply to this item. If your device is more than 4 inches going on 5, and close to 1 inch thick, this may be a good item for you.

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Well-made and durable, but the belt clip is too tight.
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The only complaint I have about this holster is that the belt clip is so stiff & tight, it makes it hard to put on & take off. It's a two-hand operation -- one hand for holding the clip open & the other for putting the belt through. It also has two belt loops, so it can be worn securely without using the clip, but it hangs better when I use both the loops & the clip. I have a small flip-phone that fits into it a little loosely, but securely. I'm replacing the holster after a year of use because the end of the metal clip has punched through the leather that covers it, making it even more uncomfortable to open. Otherwise, the holster is showing very little wear.UPDATE 3/16/15: I recently bought a newer holster of the same style from the same vendor, and its clip is not too stiff or tight.

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B. Dyjak
At a really good price, it outshines those cheaper & some more ...
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I searched long & hard to find something that would survive my hubby. After going through three other cases, which had only a metal clip, we knew it had to have a belt loop, also. At a really good price, it outshines those cheaper & some more expensive, I'm sure. Even his last, seemingly indestructible metal clip ripped right out of the fabric. Another case didn't survive long enough to be tested for durability, because it came off his belt, and was lost...phone & all. I'm tempted to order another, now, in case, by the time he needs it, we can't get it. It's that good.

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Did not receive the case pictured.
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The item I received is not the item pictured. I ordered two of these to match (one for a heart loop recorder and one for a cellphone that are worn both all day everyday). The first one came and was not correct, the second one is fine. Both were "sold by" two different suppliers but when I open each order it takes me right back to this page which now shows another different supplier. I'm not sure exactly why. I would really like the correct case that I ordered and not the one in the pictures that I have attached. The one in the pictures, the magnet is definitely NOT as strong as the other correct one I purchased.

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Perfect fit for medtronics 630/670g insulin pump
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This case is a perfect fit for a medtronics 630/670g insulin pump. Giving it 5 stars on first impressions. I will update with durability in a few months

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too small- no measurements listed by seller
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too small for dad's flip phone! i don't understand why the seller doesn't post the actual measurements of this holder. the reviews and q&a's listed measurements that differed more than 1 inch (length) but the reviews were mostly positive so i took a chance.now this useless thing is going to the donate box....seller, please post the actual measurements!

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Nice product - fitted my LG VX5600
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This is a good looking product, that fitted my mini phone (LG VX5600, (3.5"x1.875"x 0.75") with room to spare. I managed to quite easily thread a 1.5" wide belt through the two loops, that securely hold the case to my waist. The belt width of 1.5" is about the upper limit that the loops will take. The case closes with a magnetic clasp, not velcro, which I think is good, since velcro damaged my last case through repeated stress.

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Amazon Customer
Excellent case for the $$
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Bought this one to replace one almost identical to it. Dad uses it for his antique, compact, flip-phone for carry on the belt. It provides for either a clip-on attachment to your belt, or the option of threading your belt through the loops if you're going to be a little more active although the clip-on method is reasonable secure. The magnetic closure on the flap is plenty adequate to keep the phone from falling out and it's easy to open. The opening on the bottom of the case gives you access with your finger to push the phone up and out of the case.