Encased Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Ultra-Thin [SlimSHIELD] Case & Belt Clip Holster (2016) Ultimate Style + Protection (Smooth Black) Encased

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  • Slim ergonomic design makes the Encased SlimShield Series THE MOST COMFORTABLE CASE you have ever tried.
  • Create your own custom look using 2 interchangeable base colors. (2 included)
  • Rotating belt holster features a reinforced clip to keep your phone in place at all times.
  • Full function: the SlimShield is both shock & scratch resistant and engineered to ensure EASY ACCESS to all buttons, and ports.
  • ADD TO CART to experience the Encased difference. The Trust goes beyond our products. In addition to a lifetime product warranty, we back every purchase with Award-winning (USA based) customer service and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.
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Color:Smooth Black A case designed for those who hate using them. At Encased we create technology protection products that subscribe to a new way of thinking. Great protection need not weigh 2 pounds or look like a piece of military equipment. Our goal was to create full device protection without adding any unnecessary weight or bulk. The SlimShield Series (Style + Protection) Built with you in mind. The SlimShield Series allows you to Create your own custom look using 2 interchangeable base colors. (2 included) The case is constructed of a high-density polycarbonate shell providing a strong, protective frame yet retaining a sleek modern look and feel. The surface comes RF matte finished giving your device the grip it needs to avoid that deadly drop. Rounding out the protection is the purpose-built 360° raised edge that keeps the the screen scratch-free and out of harms way. Features: - Ultra slim profile (pocket friendly) - Scratch-free, impact resistant design - Sure grip RF smooth matte finish - Customizable with interchangeable base colors - Many great color options to choose from Add to Cart To experience the Encased difference. The Trust goes beyond our products. In addition to a lifetime product warranty, we back every purchase with award-winning customer service (US based) and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are anything less than satisfied with your purchase our team will work with you until you are genuinely happy.

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Ken in MN
The Holster Clip Rises Too High Over the Edge of the Holster Making it Uncomfortable to Wear
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I bought this style of case mainly so that I could have a belt-clipped holster. For this purpose I absolutely hate it! The belt clip rises too high above the edge of the holster when it is in the sideways position and digs into my side whenever I sit down, no matter where I place it on my belt. In the vertical position the entire case digs into my side, which is even more uncomfortable. It also frequently pops off of my belt when I'm sitting because the act of sitting opens the clip and then pushes it up off of my belt. If I put the clip facing down the whole holster ends up pushing outward as the clip opens, cause it to catch on everything from the arms on my desk chair to my seatbelt in the car. The case itself is nice and fits the phone well, but the holster, while of solid construction, is terribly executed and uncomfortable. I've had similar cases in the past (this one replaced a Best Buy Platinum case when the belt clip broke from the holster, and they no longer make this case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) so it is not a matter of getting used to the design.

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Simply the best clip out there
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This is exactly the case that I look for when I purchase a new phone. The one that I bought at the Verizon store was fine, but it was side-loading (assuming due to the edge screen, I guess), but it wasn't really practical. I love how I can clip this to my side, and take out my phone at a moment's notice and have my camera ready when many other mobile users are still trying to peel theirs out of there dusty pockets or messy pocketbooks. The clip is very sturdy and I have no fears of the phone falling out by accident. The felt on the inside protects the screen well from scratches and the springs in both the belt clip and phone clip feel very sturdy. I really can't say enough good things about this solidly built product, and pragmatic approach to engineering.Full-disclosure, this the second one I purchased as the first one broke. This should in no way be attributed to quality of this product as the fault was entirely my own. I tend to forget the case is there, and when wrestling with my kids, occasionally they kick the phone and clip off. This happened one time too many apparently, but it did it's job. Phone still works and not a single scratch for the abuse I give it. And, I guess it says something that I'm purchasing this item for the second time.

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Easy to access and sturdy, but has some shortcomings
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This is the third type of belt-clip case and I think the 6th case overall I've bought for my S7 Edge in about two years. Each case of the first two models consistently broke at a clip stress point after about three months. My most recent was the Aduro, which I went through three of in about 9 months. Each time one of the top or bottom parts on the belt clip that holds the phone cracked and broke. So I thought I'd try this case which costs a bit more and seemed to be better made. I have mixed feelings about it. PROS: It is well made and the design makes it easy to get the phone in and out. The clip on the top seems like it will last a while, and the plastic on the bottom of the holder isn't under much stress so maybe won't crack after a few months. The two-part phone cover is easy to take on and off and offers decent protection without much bulk. CONS: The phone case is not grippy. I ended up leaving on the textured Aduro cover after I discovered it fit fine in this belt case. The other issue has been mentioned by others. The clip mechanism on the body side of the belt clip is relatively large and also has sharp edges and corners, so tends to poke me in the side when I am sitting. Twisting it at an angle helps but doesn't totally fix the problem. I appreciate that the thickness makes the clip sturdy, but think rounding the edges of the plastic would help a lot (I may try that with a dremel tool). If this part was less uncomfortable and the phone cover more grippy, this case would be great.

David E. Bosley
Liked It....with one small reservation!
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Overall, I like the case; the only problem being is when I have the phone on the belt clip I cannot plug in the earphones....the opening on the clip portion is not big enough to allow the plug to properly seat in the phone. I did remedy this by using my power drill to enlarge the opening, however, it was a bit of an inconvenience.

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Robert Barham 4th
Had 2, both broke. Short life span.
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Got the 1st one soon after I got the S7 back in mid April 2016. I got it because i liked the belt clip swivel aspet of it. 9 months later the spring that keeps the phone secure in the holder some how slipped and came unwound and no longer would hold the phone in securely anymore. So I got another one to replace it. My phone was out of the holder more Then it was in so it got use alittle less then it sis before. And here 6 months later the clip that holds the phone snapped in half and now there is nothing to hold the phone in to the clip thus making the holder useless again. I'm not getting another one due to I'm going to upgrade to the S8 soon. Wouldn't recommend this case due to the short life span. Couldn't even last till the time in due for my next upgrade.

matt linder
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This case is way overpriced for what it is. Thought the actual case was a little bit thicker however it is very thin especially for an S7 Edge one good drop scream a crack. Also the holster that comes with it is probably one of the worst designs I've ever seen. The clip on the holster is very brittle and looks like I'll get a few weeks out of it b4 it breaks and the aluminum peace within the actual clip that makes it a kickstand is very loose and doesn't secure to anything so we're not being used it just rattles is freelee floats inside the clip itself. This case it's something I would expect to buy for two or three dollars at a dollar store.

Get a kickstand to work with this case!
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I wish this case came with a kickstand. I was able to buy a different case along with this one. The other case had a kickstand and it fit the belt holster part of this case. It worked out really well. If you are interested in having a belt holster along with a case that has a kickstand, you can search for this one.Galaxy S7 Edge Case, OBLIQ [NaKED SHIELD][Black][Metal Kickstand] Slim Fit Crystal Clear Scratch Resist Heavy Duty Protection Dual Layer CaseI really like the spring clip on the end of this phone case that moves back and forth to lock the phone in place. My last phone case had a hard plastic clip to lock in the phone and it snapped off within a month. This one will definitely hold up really well because of its thoughtful design.