Encased Belt Clip Holster for Spigen Tough Armor Case - Apple iPhone 7 4.7" (case not Included) Encased

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  • Compatible only with the iPhone 7 (4.7inch) Spigen Tough Armor Case, will NOT work with any other cases.
  • ניתן להשתמש בעיצוב קליפ סיבוב אנכי או אופקי
  • Reinforced belt clip keeps your device secure
  • The Spigen case is not included in the purchase
  • הוספה לעגלה לחוות את ההבדל עטוף איפה קרן Goes מעבר למוצרים שלנו. בנוסף אחריות למוצר בחיים, אנחנו חזרה כל רכישה עם עטורת פרסים (בלעדי Usa המבוסס) שירות לקוחות יחד עם אחריות שביעות רצון בלתי מותנית.
מחיר: 51.69 + ₪28.08 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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With the Encased belt clip you receive secure 360 degree device access all while eliminating any unnecessary weight or bulk. In Addition To A Lifetime Product Warranty, We Back Every Purchase With Award-Winning Customer Service And An Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Maja Reichardt
Holster presses power button when clipped in... very annoying.
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Good: seems it is made well, sturdy. Clip seems secure.Bad: Does not work well with Spigen Tough Armor Case. Yes, it fits it very well, however, it pushes the power button when in the case and the phone stays on the "slide to power off" screen. Very annoying. Instead of returning and trying to find another case I just used a small saw and cut off a portion of the plastic that was pushing on the power button.Also, the holster fits very tight. I am hoping it will loosen a little bit with use but right now it takes a good amount of force to remove and place it in the holster.

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Linda D
Good Design, Ease of Release Could be Better
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Overall, I like the clip and the functionality. It fits the Spigen Tough Armor Case well for my iPhone 7, however, it is a little difficult to release. I have a hard time getting the phone out of the clip and since getting it have used two hands to remove the phone from the clip. I like to be able to reach down with one push the phone pops off and into my hand for easy access. Other than that, I feel that the clip works fine.

Great Holster!
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Have had this for a couple weeks. It's very solid on my belt, the clip seems strong, and it fits the Spigen Tough Armor Case firmly. Very happy with this.

Danny C
A good quality product for a good price
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I believe this is the only belt clip holster on the market that doesn't block the use of the lightning earphones when the iPhone 7 is in the holster. The design of the leather belt cases that are currently on the market doesn't allow for the use of the lightning earphones when the iPhone 7 is in the leather belt case. The Encased belt clip holster does require two hands to lock or remove the iPhone 7. Also, the top of the clip sometimes bump against the side of the stomach when in certain sitting positions.

Cheap plastic. Does not fit securely on iphone7.
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Very cheap plastic. I would guess this product costs the manufacturer about 5 cents to make. It cost me $12 or so. Nice profit margin for them. Anyway, does not fit securely on iphone7. Very loose. Was planning on using this when I bike, but I am worried my phone will fall out. Is there anything of good quality on Amazon anymore?!!

S. Florez
I like the stand
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I like the stand, but the sides of the clip either cover up the volume controls or the power button. I like having access to all the buttons easily but this clip does not provide that. Great brand though. I've used the brand for my past 3 cases on my phones

Didn’t expect this not to fit the phone waste my money.
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Didn’t fit iPhone 7. Want to return but it will cost more to ship it back

Amazon Customer
I won't use any other case/holster. Have been using ...
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I won't use any other case/holster. Have been using Spigen since 2014. It's tough but not bulky. I have dropped my phone on hard floors, in parking lots and on stairs and never had even a scratch on the phone. Every time I see a person who screen is cracked and has some sort of "protective case" on it I thank Spigen for making such a durable lightweight but strong case.