Encased Belt Clip Holster for LifeProof FRE Case Galaxy S5 (case is not included) Encased

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  • ONLY compatible with the LifeProof FRE Samsung Galaxy S5 Case (will not fit other models)
  • ביד אחת תפס שחרור מהיר להכנסה קלה ומאובטחת והסרה.
  • סיבוב קליפ מתאים 180 ° הם תקין ושימוש שמאלי.
  • מגובה על ידי אחריות לכל החיים עטוף.
  • קליפ בלבד. במקרה LifeProof אינו כלול.
מחיר: 55.46 + ₪29.16 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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ONLY compatible with the LifeProof FRE Samsung Galaxy S5 Case (will not fit other models) Encased Products has no affiliation with LifeProof Inc.

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175 חוות דעת גולשים

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175 חוות דעת גולשים
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Frederick Darelle
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

I have been looking for this since I got my phone a year ago. Fre doesn't sell belt holsters that fit their Galaxy S5 cases, so I was thrilled to come across Encased.This holster frees up a lot of pocket space where my phone used to be. The holster is sleak and built with quality. The swivel is a bit stiff to turn, and the top of the clip can rub your side raw if you sit a lot during the day (like I do during my office days). Other than those minor complaints, this is EXACTLY what I have wanted!

Amazon Customer
Pretty perfect and put through the paces
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

This belt clip holster is pretty perfect and just what I was looking for. I'm an equine professional and ran it through the paces a bit before writing this review. So far it has stayed secure while riding, massaging horses, moving about the barn, while on a bucking and rearing horse, and while getting knocked over by a spooked horse. It was a rough work week hah.When I first got it I worried the release clip might get caught on things and accidentally release because it kind of sticks out some but that hasn't happened.What I love most about this clip holster is the ease of getting my phone in and out. I passed on another brand at a big box electronic store because that one had a release clip on the long side and short side. I need to be quicker on the draw so Encased's design is way better for me. Plus, Encased's price is much better than the brand sold at BestB. The Encased design is a slim profile which helps considering the Lifeproof Fre case already makes the Galaxy S5 huge.So far I can definitely recommend this belt clip holster and Encased as a brand and company.

David L.
It works just fine. But because I have the phone in a ...
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

It works just fine. But because I have the phone in a waterproof case I had to take Jig saw and cut out around the charging port in order that the waterproof cover could be opened in order to charge the phone without taking out of the case. Also if i catch it on something the phone sometimes falls out. That is because of the waterproof case.

Kevin Mullett
This is perfect!!!
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Didn't even know they made one of these. I love it! It is very durable and made from quality parts. I have been using it and I love that I finally have a belt clip that will fit my life proof case. The phone fits perfectly and it is easy to get the phone in and out of the case. I LOVE IT! I would totally recommend this to anyone who has a life proof case

Seems to be a great product. My only concern is whether I will ...
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

I've only had the holder a few days. Seems to be a great product. My only concern is whether I will hit the release and drop the phone from the holder. It fits the phone well with the Lifeproof FRE case. So far so good. Great price and shipping was excellent.

Frank T
Great belt clip for the LifeProof
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

I've been using a different belt clip for the past year and had to replace it because it was damaging the LifeProof case. This belt clip holds the phone securly with out putting undue stress on the case itself. Works well. The shipper was prompt and the quality of the belt clip is great.#2. Bought a second belt clip for my sister-in-law. She loves it too.

מוצר נחמד!
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

Unexpectedly on my order showed up I know it was broken. I I expected a large hassle. Little did I know it was very easy to make the return and get a full refund and have a new product the next day. Had a lot of trouble with phone Clips in the past even the top brands. I'm hoping this one will meet my expectations. Thank you!!

Amazon Customer
לקוח זה קנה את המוצר

I only just started using this belt clip, but so far it seems very sturdy and solidly built. I won't buy a phone case without a belt clip so this product was an obvious choice when I started looking at LifeProof cases for my Galaxy S5. I like the clip that holds the phone in place being on the end of the phone rather than the side, where it is on my old Otterbox Defender. The phone clip seems much more solid and the phone shouldn't fall out as easily as my old Otterbox let happen a few times.