Cocomii Iron Man Armor HTC One A9 Case New [Heavy Duty] Premium Tactical Grip Kickstand Shockproof Hard Bumper Shell [Military Defender] Full Body Dual Layer Rugged Cover for HTC One A9 (I.Silver) Cocomii

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  • עיצוב נצחי: Unique. קלאסי. פאוור. איכות. יוקרה. לקבלת מראה הפרמיה האולטימטיבית!
  • גריפ טקטי: Slim, מבנה שכבה כפולה כולל גוף TPU והלם פוליקרבונט מסגרת פגוש סופג
  • התאמה מושלמת: מגזרות מדויקות להבטיח גישה נוחה לכל תכונות שפות מעלים להגן מסך ומצלמה
  • רב תכליתי: מזוין רגלית נוחה חוויית צפייה ללא ידות
  • נושא מיגון: MIL-STD 810G 516.6 מוסמך ברמה צבאית להגנה שאתה יכול לסמוך עליו
מחיר: 36.96 + ₪27.01 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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48 חוות דעת גולשים

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HTC One A9 Case Iron Man Armor

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48 חוות דעת גולשים
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Exceptionally pleased!
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I was surprised how quickly it arrived and how unassuming the packaging is...but maybe that's how they keep their prices so low. The case itself is just what I wanted. Fit nice and tight, hard rubber safely surrounds my phone and love the minimally futuristic, streamlined design. Great smooth kickstand design, too. Just very pleased and, for the price, I can try a few different colors.

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This case is perfect the only thing I would change is the material ...
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This case is perfect the only thing I would change is the material of the back because it does seem to get a lot of fingerprints but other than that it works great

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Bezel is thin, almost flush. Buttons are covered. It is an attractive looking case.
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Cool looking case. The bezel is lower than I thought it would be. Wouldn't lay phone screen down. On bottom of case, hole for charging port is too tight for connector. It gets loosened. Kickstand would be better at center of the case. I miss the textured power button. I like the pads on the back and the circular cutout. It's a good looking case, but a few functional things bother me.

נחמד מאוד
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במקרה ניס.

Amazon Customer
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James S. Hustis
מתאים מושלם
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Love it! Fits lsrcectt. Best cover out thsrew.

Pea money
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Great case protects the important stuff!

Z. O'Neill
Needs rubber or silicone grip
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I don't understand all these 5 star reviews. I wanted a case that would protect my phone but that would also NOT SLIP FROM MY HAND!! I've always used the outer rubber Otterbox cases on my iPhone but it gets bulky. This phone case does feel sturdy and well made but it needs rubber or silicone to prevent slips and that can cushion the phone when dropped. Perhaps because I have small hands I'm not able to hold the phone very well with one hand while performing other tasks. *drop! there goes the phone*. Oh! And apparently the case covers the mic because my friends told me I sound muffled.

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