Black Horizontal Leather Pouch Carrying Case Holster with Belt Clip and Loops for Samsung Galaxy S3 Cell Phone Reiko Wireless

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  • Durable belt clip with added belt loops for extra security that will attach to belt or purse.
  • Easily accessible with magnetic closure. Dimension of the pouch is 5.52 x 2.95 x 0.5 inches
  • Quality Reiko durable leather pouch with velvitine interior that will protect your phone from scratches
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Color:Black Carry and protect your expensive phone in this top quality leatherette cell phone case. Case has a secure magnetic flat along with a sturdy belt clip and also belt loops for extra security.

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Dee Jay
Different from other ordered
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I purchased one like this for my Samsung G3. I had a Hard Glove case on the phone and the pouch fit perfectly. The magnet was nice and strong to hold phone in pouch. I purchased this one for a Samsung Echo6. The first thing I noticed is that it did not have the silver metal Reiko emblem on the front as the picture shows. It was also noticeably smaller than the previous one. I could not close the pouch with the G3 in it. Bit I wanted it for the Edge-so ok. I put the Edge in the pouch. The Edge also had a Hard case on it. The Edge barely fit-it was tight. It barely wanted to close because it was a tight fit. The magnet is not strong at all. I was disappointed in this new case. Would not reorder if given the chance. I would look for a pouch that was a little larger. I had checked the measurements which were the same as the first pouch. But when received , it was smaller. It will work , but didn't like that the pouch, although looked exactly the same as the previous one, was not the same pouch and had a different fit. This does not fit my G3-the phone is too wide to fit and close-even with the case off. Barely fits Edge 6. Check your measurements very carefully before ordering!!!!

Amazon Customer
Beware of "Buy it Again" tab - not the same product as I originally ordered
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This was a "Buy it Again" item that was not comparable to the original item shipped. The description and look are the same but they are provided by two different manufacturers, both fulfilled by Amazon. It is a smaller case that will hold only the phone. It will not hold the phone if it has a protective case on it. Shame on Amazon for substituting this item from BNY Wireless as a "Buy it Again" item for the Cell Case item I originally purchased. IF THE ITEM IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME IT SHOULD NOT BE LINKED FROM THE "BUY IT AGAIN" TAB. iF IT IS A BUY IT AGAIN ITEM ONE WOULD EXPECT IT TO BE THE EXACT SAME ITEM.I lost money on this item by returning it.If you are looking for a cellphone case to hold the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Body Glove case make sure to look for the cellphone case from Cell Case.

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Too big for Galaxy SIII
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The case appears to be reasonably well made and has the features I was looking for - belt loops and magnetic closure. The issue I have with it is that it is too large for the Samsung Galaxy SIII by 1/2" in both length and width. The phone is 5 3/8" long and 2 3/4" wide. The interior of this case is 6" long and 3 1/4" wide. Might be OK if your phone is in one of those thick rubber cases but if I had that I wouldn't need this carrying case would I?

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I've owned these in the past and they last a long time.They're a great quality case.Used to buy them locally in the store but not available anymore.I'm very happy that this Vendor delivered what they advertise!! it's exactly as pictured and size is correct and very reasonable.Some other vendors usually bait-and-switch with you but not these guys!Thank you so much.

Perfect for the Nexus 5
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I have owned this pouch (and used it non-stop) for 14 months, on a Google Nexus 5 phone.The size is perfect for the phone. The durability is excellent, since I am still able to use it after 14 months, for daily use on my belt, indoors and outdoors. The appearance has not changed and it still looks clean, with no ragged edges. The pressure that keeps the flap closed is just right, and has not changed since I purchased the pouch.So I am endorsing this product pretty strongly.I owned a similar Reiko pouch for my previous cellphone, and kept it several years, with the same appreciation. I would likely go to similar Reiko products first if I have more need for such belt pouches.

Liking it...
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This case fits my Galaxy S3 with a commuter Otter Box on it without any issues at all. Ease of sliding in and out. The clip does not swivel but that is the design and I could not find one I liked better that did. As described it has two belt loops on the sides of the clip that could help keep it on your belt if you would prefer. Not sure how well they will hold up yet. The clip is pretty good over all. I did get it pulled the other day and it sort of took the spring out of it. I got a big pair of pliers and was able to push the clip back in again. I would recommend putting a cloth around it if you do that or cardboard so the pliers do not scar the leather. So far it has been good and fits like it should. I save a ton compared to the price I would have paid at the local mall Kiosk for this.

Kindle Customer
I found it too large, otherwise as described.
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I have an S2, but comparing side by side with friends I believe that it has the same dimensions as an S3, which this is supposed to fit. It works, but the case is to large to seem like it was "made" for it. I do not use a protective cover with my phone and other commenters did, so that may be the difference. But I love using a belt clip while I am working and this case was inexpensive and I am rough on them in the outdoors so I didn't want to pay too much for one so I'm dealing with the slight roominess (probably 1/2 inch in L and W.).

לא בגודל הנכון
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My case was delivered today and it was not the right size for my Galaxy 3 phone. I bought one before from this company and it worked great. This case however is way too large. It is at least an inch longer than my phone. My phone slides back and forth while in the case. I will look elsewhere in the future for a phone case.