AIScell Pouch For Iphone X, XS, 8, 7, 6s, 6 ~Extra Large 6.10x3.50x0.50 In Black Leather Pouch Magnetic Case Swivel Clip Holster[Fits Iphone With Otterbox Defender, LifeProof,Battery Case,Thick Cover] AIScell

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  • Brand New Premium Sideways Faux Leather Pouch Carrying Case Swivel Belt Clip Holster
  • Great fit for Apple iPhone XS / X / 8 / 7 / 6S / 6 with THICK protective cover case on ( it will be loose for bare phone ) Item Dimensions : 6.10 '' X 3.50'' X 0.50''
  • עיצוב אופנתי עם בטנה פנימית רכה עוזר להגן מהטלפון שלכם סדק ושריטות בטנת .Elastic מאפשר לכם לקחת את התיק פנימה והחוצה בצורה חלקה! סגירה מגנטית חזקה מבטיחה סגירה חלקה ולהבטיח הגנה!
  • This pouch is equipped swivel belt clip and front magnetic closure .
  • החבילה כולל: 1 X שחור נרתיק עור נרתיק פאוץ
מחיר: 42.37 + ₪30.49 שילוח ומכס לישראל מה זה אומר?
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This high quality leather pouch carrying case with swivel belt clip will do a great job Holding it for you!! It is a high quality case with a nice Simple design which your iPhone XS/ X / 8 / 7 / 6S / 6 will fit into. This case is high end quality !! And a pleasure to use. Just clip it to your belt And your good to go! Item Dimensions : 6.10 '' X 3.50'' X 0.50'' . Great fits with THICK protective case on , it will too loose for naked phone.

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Steve Richards
Works perfectly with a slim case.
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Bought this case hoping it would fit my iPhone 6+ with a slim case on it. To my delight this case fits and is actually a little loose from side to side, and just snug from end to end. Not so snug you can't get your phone out, but snug enough to feel protected and secure. The material is nice, and the stitching is good--overall it's good quality. The belt loops are big enough to accommodate a wide leather work belt. I'm impressed. Perfect for me, ordering another one just to have an extra on hand should something happen to my first one. Highly recommended.

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Amazon Customer
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love the xx large for my Iphone makes it easier to get it out thanks

w. mark sanders
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אוקי במחיר.

Lawrence G.
Could be Stronger
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Good case but it didn’t last very long before it broke and the clip was rendered useless.

iPhone 6 case
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Started coming apart

חמישה כוכבים
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thanks for nice case.

Roger Sunn
Built-In Obsolescence!
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Seven months after purchase the magnet is dead. If I keep using it I'm afraid of losing my iPhone X. Never heard of a magnet going dead. The rest of the case is still in good shape.

Allison Updike
but did not feel like they would hold up very long
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These were not quite what I expected. They had white stitching on them that was not shown in online images. Ok for the price, obviously, but did not feel like they would hold up very long.